“I was referred to Dr.Koch by a co-worker after I put my knee out in the fall. I had never seen a chiropractor before and I will admit, I was a little apprehensive. Dr.Koch was very caring as she addressed my discomfort and concerns. She explained what she was doing during the whole treatment and how it affected my body. She quickly put at ease any apprehension I had regarding chiropractic treatment. When she added laser treatment, she felt it would greatly benefit my knee issues. After completing the laser treatment, I was very satisfied with the results and I would highly recommend this treatment and the services of Dr. Koch to anyone. ”
— PAM S, 2017

“Started laser treatment on March 28th for bursitis of right hip after hip replacement surgery done July 2015. Since starting laser, I’ve had decreased pain and decreased swelling! I’m now off pain meds with only five treatments, so I’m very pleased so far.”
— STAN E, 2017

“I’ve been having neck pain for several years and have not had anything help me like the laser treatments-pain meds, muscle relaxers, electric pulse. I highly recommend it!”
— PAT J, 2017